Monday, January 19, 2009

Between Jackson and Franklin, a man and his dog

This morning as I left the hotel, I grabbed one of those to go breakfast bags they prepare for those of us who are too much in a hurry to stop and eat. (I had slept later than usual due to a good late movie the night before and didn't have my usual leisurely morning after all) I tossed the breakfast bag in the car and left for Jackson promptly. A few miles later I checked out the contents of the bag . . . 1 bottle of water, 1 apple, 1 little box of raisins, 1 muffin, and 1 breakfast bar. I opened the water and left the rest. After my first shop stop, I left Jackson, TN around noon or 12:30 (I think)?

Mostly freeway driving and quite beautiful.

As I headed to Franklin TN at around 3 pm I turned off the freeway onto this State Highway. (photo below) At the top of the ramp was a stop sign, a car stopped at the stop sign, a dog, and a man with a sign that said, "homeless and hungry". It was cold out today below freezing and windy. The man was leaning up against the guard rail. The car in front of me pulled away. I reached over and grabbed the bag from the hotel with the breakfast goodies still in it. I rolled my window partway down and waggled the bag to catch the mans attention. He looked at me, but paused. I said, "There's food in here". He moved quickly toward the bag and took it, looking me straight in the eye said, "Thank-You". He turned quickly to the guard rail setting the bag on one of the posts and dug in. He truly was hungry and grateful. His dog immediately sat obediently hoping for a morsel.

Later, I thought about if I should share this story or not? Would I seem foolish as a woman traveling solo to stop and offer a strange man on a country road some food. Does it seem dangerous? Well, it didn't feel dangerous. And the more I thought about it I came to the conclusion that a man who doesn't desert his dog when he himself is homeless and hungry is a man with a good heart. For once, I was glad I had been too busy to eat. And I hope and pray they both have found a warm place for the night.


  1. I love this story Jamie. You are exactly right. Good for you for an act of human kindness that probably really helped someone. Giving someone food can't hurt anything. Good example for all of us!


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