Thursday, January 15, 2009

Country Roads of Missouri

Today I spent most of my day traveling, I visited only one quilt shop. Only took these few road shots.

I did see two golden retrievers on the side of the road, chowing down on a road kill deer, didn't think you'd want a photo of that!

One photo op I did miss . . . probably should have turned around to get it was a road side cafe called . . .

The Rat Hole

Can you believe it? I am not kidding. I also saw a bill board for . . .

The Bridal Cave

I know I'd been driving probably a little too long when I found my self saying, "What was that?" to the voice on my GPS. I didn't quite understand what she said. When I realized what I'd done, I smirked to myself. And followed it up with a little 'eye roll'.

Hazards of solo travel I guess.

She (GPS woman) does have a problem with pronunciation some times. Instead of saying Missouri, she says Misery. After tomorrow I will probably be leaving Misery behind and enter Arkansas, can't wait to see how she say's that . . .

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