Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stitchers Garden - Franklin, TN

Stitcher's Garden moved very recently - in fact only a few weeks before my visit. That's why you only see a small temporary 'QUILT SHOP' banner in front. The real signs are not up yet.

This shop has the largest selection of books and magazines
that I have yet to see! The photos only show a small portion.

This is Myra Nickolaus, the shop owner, standing in a
sea of fabrics. The bolts on the floor are awaiting the new shelves.

And have you ever seen a longer more spectacular color wall?
Over 8000 Bolts in this shop!

I would have loved to spend some time digging into her fat-quarter displays.

Stitcher's Garden
209 S Royal Oakes Blvd Ste 223
Franklin, TN 37064



  1. I'm headed there next week - THANK YOU for the sneak peak (SO SO SO much better than her old location, which was wonderfully quaint but dark and excessively crowded). This new space is so much brighter.

  2. Wow! So glad they have a new space. It was frustrating in the crowded old location. I will definitely drop by with my project book in hand the next time I am in Franklin.

  3. I just loved the old shop and know I will love the new shop if I ever get back down to Tennesse. I used to visit my son who lived in Nashville, but he is back home in Virginia now. I keep telling him I need a Stitchers Garden fix and we could make a hasn't worked yet. Now that I've seen the photos of how nice the new shop looks, I'm even more anxious to get down there. Enjoyed the photos and love all that fabric!!!

  4. I have been there, in the old store. She had an absolute SEA of favs. Thanks for your review, i was wondering what her new address was. Planning to go there today!

  5. Sure wish I lived closer to your shop.....
    I am looking for a certain fabric....and wondering if you have it! Here is the link to picture on photobucket

  6. Thart was the most marvelous extensive array of qality fabrics I have EVER seen - all in one place - and when you mention a fabric type - they knew exactly where it was - truly a find !!

  7. What a fantastic place - so much quality faric and the staff new where everything was - amazing !! Free to broze to your heart's content without any QP hovering


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