Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alligator Alley and the Atlantic Coast of South Florida

Last week I took out the atlas for a peek at my potential routes through Florida. When I looked for a route across south Florida from the gulf coast to the Atlantic coast the one that jumped out at me was ALLIGATOR ALLEY. It went through the everglades! Sounds awesome doesn't it? I imagined having to stop my car to let gators cross the highway. Which then reminded me of a childhood joke, you probably know the one.

A husband and wife are on vacation in Florida. The husband has known for a long time that his wife has always wanted a pair of alligator shoes. So when an alligator crosses the road in front of them, the man stops the car, jumps out and wrestles the alligator, finally turning it over on it's back. . .

but. . .

No shoes!

Ok, I was as disappointed with Alligator alley as the man was with the alligator having no shoes. No alligators, not much of anything really. Looked like a big peat bog. I kept waiting to take a photo . . . waiting for what I imagined the everglades looked like. Well I never saw what I expected to see and therefore NO photos. This is the one time I probably should have pulled over to one of the site seeing spots for a photo. Oh well.

Below is my first photo of civilization coming out of Alligator Alley, I think it's Miami or Fort Lauder dale? The rest of the photos were taken as I drove north along the coast.


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