Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Didn't think to pack my flip flops

By now you may have noticed I pick both restaurants and menu items by asking the locals. Well, Deborah from Deborah's Quilt Basket (previous post) made a few suggestions and this was one of them.

I chose to dine outdoors.

Brie and Apple Pizza - Creamy Brie and crisp
Apples, drizzled with mango puree and sliced
almonds, all baked on a flat bread crust.
Unbelievably good!

Fish & Chips
Fish lightly breaded and NOT greasy.
French Fries (which I usually don't eat)
were fantastic too!

Key Lime Pie
Beth if you are reading this - I thought of you . . .
it's NOT green! ; )

Here is a shot of the restaurant from the pier.

You see I should have packed my flip flops!
I was not thinking about that when I left
home and it was below zero.

OK, it was in the high 70's today and will continue through the week.
This poses a huge problem for me . . .
tomorrow . . .

buy flip flops? or wear golf shoes?
flip flops?
golf shoes?

What's your vote?


  1. Buy the flip flops, hit the beach and go golfing later in the afternoon! Problem solved! You're welcome. Sounds like you're still finding success and having fun, too. Glad you're blogging to stay in touch. Peace and love
    Linda T

  2. golf shoes in the morning, flip flop in the afternoon

  3. Thanks Linda, You and Julie have the right idea. Glad you're commenting to stay in touch!

  4. I don't understand why you don't weigh 500 pounds with all the food you show us!!! Or is that all "stunt food?"


I love hearing from you, thanks for your comments!

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