Monday, February 23, 2009

Offline and out of touch

I've been taking a few days off.
Friday and Saturday I played golf on Hilton Head Island.
Sunday until ?? I am visiting my horse friend Shirley.
Stay tuned.

To view more horse farm photos visit this link.


  1. How fun to relax surrounded by the four legged friends! You don't get to do that everyday. Is that snow?? Golf at Hilton Head sounds good. Guess you're not up for meeting me in Austin. I leave on Thursday. Should be a very good time. Denver's got all sorts of things lined up for us to do.
    See you when you return.
    Linda T

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for the post. Yes, that is snow! It follows me (I think). It shouldn't last long. There was NO SNOW at Hilton Head Island. Did you see the Alligators? YIKES! And I didn't know they were gray, I was expecting green. See I am still learning something new every day!


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