Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where there's Smoke there's Fire!

After the horse park this morning, I drove east toward the coast. I took the road through Ocala National Forest. After I'd been on the road awhile I noticed smoke ahead. Then fire trucks waiting on the side of the road.

It was impossible to see what was burning. Traffic was backed up and some vehicles were turning around and heading back the other way.

It was hard to figure out what to do, traffic was stopped and smoke filled the road ahead. Finally they routed us to the north and we followed who ever was in the front of the line.

My GPS woman kept saying "Make a U-turn if possible", "Make a U-turn if possible". It felt like the blind leading the blind. You can see the smoke filled haze in the air in the photo below.

Then our little caravan ran out of road! We were in a big white sand pit! Some folks stopped. Some of them turned around. And some of us kept going.

Just beyond the sand pit, my GPS woman was able to reroute me. And it just so happened that our Pied Piper in the front of the caravan knew exactly where he/she was going. Because we all ended up back on Hwy 40 East!

Hip hip hurray!

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