Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again Giggety Gig!

Back home for the moment. I have some surface design work to accomplish. And I am waiting for fabrics to arrive from Red Rooster for new samples.

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All my best to you! Jamie

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Lie or Not to Lie, that is the Question

I don't lie. I was taught not to lie. But when traveling alone in this big ol'country of ours I don't always want to let people know I am alone in that camper. When I get to a campground and am being checked in by a man, I always sign the registration form with both my name and my husbands. And I try and remember to say, "we and us" in stead of "me and I". Not always easy to remember. They have a check list of things they always ask. What kind of hook up? Size of vehicle? Towing anything? Pets? Number of people?

How do I answer the number of people question without lying? Well, I don't answer the question. I kind of pinch my lips together like a kid does when he doesn't want to answer. And then reluctantly I hold up two fingers giving them the PEACE SIGN. I can't help it if they interpret it to mean 2 people. Right?

Well, last night I was checking in and it was a woman putting me through the 20 questions routine. I was thinking about how to describe her. First I thought of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith show, but with a drill Sargent personality. But then Berta the housekeeper from Two and a Half men came to mind. So picture Berta, with Blondie-grey hair in a bun and cat-eye glasses, leaning on the counter with her left forearm filling out the form. Never looking up at me she drilled me with the list.

You want a pull through? "Sure"
Full hook-up? "Yes"
Towing anything? "No"
How longs your rig? 31'
Number of people? "Just me"
Puppy? "No"

Then without moving anything, except her eyes, she slowing looks up peering at me over her glasses, pauses and says in a reprimanding voice. "When other women travel alone, they at least bring their dog along."

Oh boy, I guess I was told.

Here's my thoughts on the matter. If I bring my dog, then I have to walk my dog and then I am advertising that I am traveling alone.

If I don't have my dog, I can pull up, close the curtains, lock the doors and nobody knows if there is a single woman or five biker guys in that camper.

What's your opinion??? Sent me your comments, I'd like to know what you think.

I am really not that fearful, but others are for me, like the woman who checked me in.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Falling Water Fell Through : (

So I am in the rental car that I used to get from the campground to the convention center and I decide to use my GPS to see how far it is to Frank Lloyd Wrights famous - Falling Water House. So I use the google search feature and it says 9.8 miles!!!! Who hoo. I decide to leave that very minute, I am so close it only makes sense right?

So I follow the GPS woman and she leads me through some beautiful country, I even saw a white tail doe grazing by the side of the road as I wound myself through the hilly terrain of the Pennsylvania countryside. When I am about a mile away the GPS says turn on Bucktail Road. There was no Bucktail Road and when I went past the spot she told me to "make a U-turn if possible". So I U-turned and turned when she said turn on Bucktail Road. There was a road there it just had a different name. So I figured that perhaps the road had been renamed for some reason.

Then I saw to the left some covered picnic areas with low slung red roofs and wide eaves, signature FLW stuff. I was so excited, I must be very close! Then quite suddenly the road ended in an apartment complex - nothing FLW looking about it either. So I made another U-turn and headed back.

There was a huge white dump truck with one of those chippers that turns branches into mulch parked along side the winding road so I pulled over and holler at the driver who was just sitting in the cab with his white hard hat on. "Excuse Me" I yelled. "Do you know if Frank Lloyd Wrights, Falling Water is around here?"

"What?" he yelled back, as he turn off the engine of the huge truck. Then pop, pop. From behind the truck popped two younger hard hat bearing men.

I repeated my question.

"AWE LADY", the man shouts, "You're two hours away from Falling Water!" "You're kidding me right? You're joking aren't you?" He turns to one of the younger guys,"she's joking right?" The younger guy looks at me, shakes his head as he says "No, she's not". I am sure disappointment was written all over my face.

The truck driver tries to cheer me up by saying, "It's not that great anyway, I've been there twice and it's no big deal". Then looking at me, a few seconds later he says, "Unless your into architecture . . . then it's a big deal" and proceeds to call out directions on exactly how I could get there from where I was.

One of the younger guys, mentions to me that one of my tires is kind of low. (See that WHEEL thing again!) I said."Its a rental, is it too bad to drive back to the rental place?" He said, "no you should be fine." Truck driver chimes in,"It's just a rental".

Then I thanked them all and left.

Not such a lucky day for me and Falling Water, but lucky that I got the rental returned without having to change the tire! Falling Water will have to wait for me. Next time I'm in the neighborhood, I am sure SHE will still be there. ; )

Watch this animated video and tell me what YOU think. Is SHE a Big Deal, or no Big Deal?

Friday, May 15, 2009

International Quilt Market - Pittsburgh PA

All the photos posted today were taken at Spring Quilt Market. International Quilt Market is where shop owners from all around the world come together to buy for their stores. Below is a view of the convention center from the parking lot where I parked my car. I was there before 9:00am and still couldn't get a spot in the convention center parking lot and had to park a few blocks away. Better than yesterday, I was 5 blocks away! (Thank Heavens it wasn't raining!)

The Quilted Closet, Elaine Waldschmidt's booth. I was disappointed that I missed Elaine, she is a very fun lady who always has me in stitches (no pun intended).

Linda Hohag's, booth (Brandywine Designs).
Linda featured new Christmas Designs.

Lorrie Franz (beancounter Quilts) on the right, with friend Jan on the left.

Lorrie's booth was quite busy every time I went by.

Below is the booth of the Little Quilt Company.

Once again I waited for the customers to clear out to see Gary and Kim Schaffer.

I fell in love with this hand dyed wool coat by Ewe-nique Creations.

There were quite a number of booths featuring garment
patterns for children and infants. A new trend for the quilt market.

A booth of African Fabrics!

Terry Atkinson's Booth with a Typography theme.

At this convention center there is a walkway over the center
of the exhibit area. Here's a birds-eye view of the show.

Someone once told me the show was the size of three
football fields. I am thinking that looks about right . . .
Photo above is only half of the show!

The view across the street from the convention center.

I have vended at the International Quilt Market for 10
markets in a row. It was really fun to simply walk the
show, meet new vendors and see old friends.

Whether you are a vendor or buyer I wish you all a great market!
And to those of you at home, I hope you enjoyed the view.

Let me know . . .

Schoolhouse day at International Quilt Market

It's Schoolhouse day at International Quilt Market. I snapped a few photos at Lonni Rossi's presentation.

Here is David Weinstein of Andover Fabrics modeling one of the two "Big Easy Tote Bags" that I'd sewn up in Lonni's fabrics.

As I went to leave for the day I passed this long long line of quilt shop owners waiting for Sample Spree to begin. The line went as far as the eye could see inside the building.

Here the line bends around the corner and lines up outside the door.

And continues for a long long long way.

Pretty Amazing!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Sisters Quilt Shop - Cambridge, OH

Don't you just love the name of this shop? As soon as I heard it, it made me smile because the faces of all my friends that I'd consider almost sisters flashed through my mind.

I arrived at this shop very late in the day and I was pretty exhausted when I walked in the door. Evelyn, one of the shop owners asked if I'd like a cup of coffee and I said, "YES, I'd love one." She made a fresh pot and while showing patterns I proceed to down two of those HUGE coffee mugs full of delicious coffee. I felt much better as we chattered away about the quilt industry, patterns etc. But BEWARE those large cups - there is a DARK SIDE too! I must have been quite shaky when I shot this photo of Evelyn, and my eyes must have been out of whack too, because when I reviewed the photo in the camera it looked fine. So sorry Evelyn!

Evelyn is a brand new shop owner. She bought this store (formerly The Stitchin Post) in January of this year. She will be attending her first Quilt Market this weekend. I can't wait to see what she does with this shop. Don't you love the cozy reading and hubby spot she's created by the fireplace?

You will enjoy yourself in this shop, I guarantee it!

Almost Sisters Quilt Shop, LLC
1996 E Wheeling Ave
Cambridge, OH 43725


Calico Cupboard - Pataskala, OH

Say 'Hello' to Sherry, owner of this Buckeye State Quilt Shop.

By the way, while I was selling patterns to Sherry, I was
enjoying one of the most delicious bagels I've ever had.
Be sure to ask here where you can get one!

Below is one if Sherry's own quilt designs.

OSU (Ohio State University)
is BIG in this shop and there are many patterns
available to reflect their enthusiasm!

Calico Cupboard
74 Oak Meadow Dr
Pataskala, OH 43062
(740) 927-2636

Question: Who is Quiltman? He is on their website!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

These folks have had enough down here!

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