Saturday, May 16, 2009

Falling Water Fell Through : (

So I am in the rental car that I used to get from the campground to the convention center and I decide to use my GPS to see how far it is to Frank Lloyd Wrights famous - Falling Water House. So I use the google search feature and it says 9.8 miles!!!! Who hoo. I decide to leave that very minute, I am so close it only makes sense right?

So I follow the GPS woman and she leads me through some beautiful country, I even saw a white tail doe grazing by the side of the road as I wound myself through the hilly terrain of the Pennsylvania countryside. When I am about a mile away the GPS says turn on Bucktail Road. There was no Bucktail Road and when I went past the spot she told me to "make a U-turn if possible". So I U-turned and turned when she said turn on Bucktail Road. There was a road there it just had a different name. So I figured that perhaps the road had been renamed for some reason.

Then I saw to the left some covered picnic areas with low slung red roofs and wide eaves, signature FLW stuff. I was so excited, I must be very close! Then quite suddenly the road ended in an apartment complex - nothing FLW looking about it either. So I made another U-turn and headed back.

There was a huge white dump truck with one of those chippers that turns branches into mulch parked along side the winding road so I pulled over and holler at the driver who was just sitting in the cab with his white hard hat on. "Excuse Me" I yelled. "Do you know if Frank Lloyd Wrights, Falling Water is around here?"

"What?" he yelled back, as he turn off the engine of the huge truck. Then pop, pop. From behind the truck popped two younger hard hat bearing men.

I repeated my question.

"AWE LADY", the man shouts, "You're two hours away from Falling Water!" "You're kidding me right? You're joking aren't you?" He turns to one of the younger guys,"she's joking right?" The younger guy looks at me, shakes his head as he says "No, she's not". I am sure disappointment was written all over my face.

The truck driver tries to cheer me up by saying, "It's not that great anyway, I've been there twice and it's no big deal". Then looking at me, a few seconds later he says, "Unless your into architecture . . . then it's a big deal" and proceeds to call out directions on exactly how I could get there from where I was.

One of the younger guys, mentions to me that one of my tires is kind of low. (See that WHEEL thing again!) I said."Its a rental, is it too bad to drive back to the rental place?" He said, "no you should be fine." Truck driver chimes in,"It's just a rental".

Then I thanked them all and left.

Not such a lucky day for me and Falling Water, but lucky that I got the rental returned without having to change the tire! Falling Water will have to wait for me. Next time I'm in the neighborhood, I am sure SHE will still be there. ; )

Watch this animated video and tell me what YOU think. Is SHE a Big Deal, or no Big Deal?


  1. I say she is a BIG deal! Loved it and the video was beautiful. Do you think there are glass floors? How cool would THAT be??!! Wish I could go. Maybe when I'm on the road with you. Looking forward to that.


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