Monday, May 18, 2009

To Lie or Not to Lie, that is the Question

I don't lie. I was taught not to lie. But when traveling alone in this big ol'country of ours I don't always want to let people know I am alone in that camper. When I get to a campground and am being checked in by a man, I always sign the registration form with both my name and my husbands. And I try and remember to say, "we and us" in stead of "me and I". Not always easy to remember. They have a check list of things they always ask. What kind of hook up? Size of vehicle? Towing anything? Pets? Number of people?

How do I answer the number of people question without lying? Well, I don't answer the question. I kind of pinch my lips together like a kid does when he doesn't want to answer. And then reluctantly I hold up two fingers giving them the PEACE SIGN. I can't help it if they interpret it to mean 2 people. Right?

Well, last night I was checking in and it was a woman putting me through the 20 questions routine. I was thinking about how to describe her. First I thought of Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith show, but with a drill Sargent personality. But then Berta the housekeeper from Two and a Half men came to mind. So picture Berta, with Blondie-grey hair in a bun and cat-eye glasses, leaning on the counter with her left forearm filling out the form. Never looking up at me she drilled me with the list.

You want a pull through? "Sure"
Full hook-up? "Yes"
Towing anything? "No"
How longs your rig? 31'
Number of people? "Just me"
Puppy? "No"

Then without moving anything, except her eyes, she slowing looks up peering at me over her glasses, pauses and says in a reprimanding voice. "When other women travel alone, they at least bring their dog along."

Oh boy, I guess I was told.

Here's my thoughts on the matter. If I bring my dog, then I have to walk my dog and then I am advertising that I am traveling alone.

If I don't have my dog, I can pull up, close the curtains, lock the doors and nobody knows if there is a single woman or five biker guys in that camper.

What's your opinion??? Sent me your comments, I'd like to know what you think.

I am really not that fearful, but others are for me, like the woman who checked me in.


  1. My opinion is that the world isn't so chock-full of creeps and weirdos as the news would have us think and 99% of the time you're probably perfectly safe.
    If you need to fictionalize a companion to cover that 1%- do it. I think that would be called strategy not a lie anyway.
    BUT- creeps and weirdo's probably wouldn't rifle through some campground's paper work to find out if you're alone anyway. They'd lurk and observe. So who cares what you tell the check in person... (?)

  2. Hi Jamie...well, you already know how I feel about you traveling alone! ...and whatever you have to do to feel safe is what you do. I was thinking though, that maybe you should try to arrange a joint caravan with Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs"--I mean he "travels the country finding the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways." (sort of like Quilt Shop Owners!) At least you'd be protected by a bunch of really likeable macho guys!
    Keep up the good work. And think about writing that book!

  3. I'd be bringing the dog, it doesn't matter if it's big or small the bark is enough to send anyone away. I get the walking thing but that's what a leash tied to the door is for when it's dark and it's great to stretch your legs with a dog, just yell back into the camper, "honey I'm gonna walk the dog" then grab your ak47 and walk the dog.

  4. I agree with you. Do it your way. You don't have to advertise it and it's not lying when it's about being safe. And you don't have to open the door if someone knocks on it after dark.

  5. Well............first you need to find a recording of a really scary sounding dog (or two dogs) that if anyone comes near you can just play the recording. AND you need a big guy blow-up doll.........wearing a cowboy hat........and posed to look like he is snoozing in the driver's seat. And it wouldn't hurt to have bars on your windows!! And you DO have pepper spray handy, don't you? Wouldn't hurt to take some karate lessons next time you are home either!! Or maybe one of those really loud blasting horns..........that are used to scare the bears away. THAT would get a guy running!! Or maybe just a couple of nasty little ankle biters that will use a potty pad.


  6. tripped over here from twitter- i'm here in Japan traveling alone-but quite safe here- don't need the dog etc...
    you might think about getting a motion detector that triggers a barking dog recording.
    lie, smie, who cares- keep safe!

  7. Thanks so much. Your comments are wonderful, witty and make me smile. Keep em coming!!!

  8. Jaime, about 25 years ago I traveled a lot with a job I had and I sometimes would hang an old sport coat with a tie on a hanger over a rear side window.

    Other times, I would stuff a pillow on the passenger side so it would look like he was taking a nap. But I really enjoyed traveling alone.


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