Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Know You're Up North When . . .

. . . you see Paul Bunyan!

The drive was spectacular!
The weather sunny and cool with
no humidity!!! aka HEAVEN!

This Mama White Tail deer and her fawn put on a little
show for me. The fawn had run ahead of the doe
and got up on the pavement and freaked out, turning
wildly in circles, while the doe waited in the ditch.
Finally the baby came to it's senses and ran back toward
it's mother and escaped any injury.

Shortly after seeing the deer I saw a mink lop (not lope)
it was definately a lop, lop, lop across the road. Sorry no photo.

The rest of the photos are where I spent the 4th of July,
in Presque Isle, WI.

Quintessential Northern Wisconsin,
where both the air and water are clean.

A Deluxe Model Fish house!

My early morning shadow, flattering isn't it? ; )

And today I played GOLF!!! See my golf blog if you want details.

I hope you enjoyed YOUR 4th of July Weekend!

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