Monday, August 10, 2009

Boyhood home of Lawrence Welk

Last Saturday I worked on my new quilt pattern from 7 am to 11 pm. Writing and working on illustrations. I still have a long way to go.

Sunday was a drive day, about 8 hours worth and I took lots of photos. Don't worry I won't make you look at them all! I did how ever drive through the town that Lawrence Welk grew up in. Here is the main street.

It was a bit of a ghost town at the time I drove through, but then I realized that it was Sunday morning and I'll bet everyone was at church!

They certainly are proud of the fact that it is Lawrences boyhood town.

I was quite taken with this little home. I approached this house from the back and it had me charmed instantly.

The side of the house . . .
still as cute as could be.

The front!!! Adorable!!!

Amazing the power of red geraniums and a picket fence! So anyway this town got me thinking about my own memories of the Lawrence Welk Show. If you are much younger than I am you probably don't even know who Lawrence Welk is. I am sure my kids don't. Well, he had a TV variety show. And every Saturday night my two sisters and I would have our baths and hair washing and then we'd get the step up stool. Sitting between our mom's feet on that step up stool we watched The Lawrence Welk show and have our hair put up in rollers for Sunday morning church. This was before curling irons and hot rollers. First she used the bristly rollers that you couldn't lay on. So you had to sleep with your face in the pillow because the rollers hurt your head. If you happen to roll over while sleeping OOOHhh you knew it immediately and rolled back on your face to go back to sleep. Eventually we got the pink sponge rollers !!!! Yippee Skippy they were easy to sleep on. I did usually lose one or two by morning and so had all these beautiful springy curls and a few clumps of stick straight hair. Oh well. It was a great time to be a kid.

Oh, and my favorite on the LW show were the Lennon Sisters, or was it Lemmon Sisters?

Google them as well as Lawerence Welk, I am sure there are YouTube videos for a walk down memory lane. Or if you are too young for memory lane consider it historical research. See you later!


  1. That is a lovely little house. Will have to remember if we ever go that way to look it up.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    My mother's family settled in Strasburg, ND...and Lawrence Welk was an acquaintance of my grandmother's wedding. That was one show that was as important as church when I was growing up! Love the little cottage.

  3. I remember watching Lawrence Welk. My grandmother was visiting her niece and went to see his show and she got to dance with him.


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