Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dog Butts and Horse Apples . . .

Ah hah! I see my catchy title has you reading on. ; 0

I have landed myself in the perfect campground! When I pulled up it look much like any other campground found across the US of A. So I went through the twenty questions at the front desk (as referred to in a previous post), paid and pulled into my spot for the night. I hooked up and went inside to check emails. And that's when I heard it . . . Moooo. Could that be a cow? I looked around and couldn't see any cows. So I went back to work. Again MOOOOO! That was definitely a cow! Out my drivers side window is a thick row of hedges, I suppose there could be cows on the other side?

Later I took my dog Bastian out for a walk. We did a loop around the perimeter of the campground and look at what we found!!!

Yes'er eeee, those are not cows but HORSES!
There is a wire fence between the back of the
campsites and the horses. How cool is that!

OK, here is where my dog meets the horse.
First they peer at each other over the crest of the hill.

The horse steps forward first, then my dog,
then the horse again and then my dog.
Finally they both stand like statues
mirroring each other, both wondering
what the other will do?

Suddenly my dog drops his nose to the ground
forgetting all about the horse.
Here is where the horse apples come in!!!

Bastian is like, "WOW, what that great smell?"
I am quite sure there would have been some
rolling in it if I had not had the leash on him.

Then Bastian bolts off to the side,
looking for more interesting things to
smell, leaving the horse wondering,
"Hey, where are you going?"
"We just met!"

And here is where the dog butts come in.

Nope, no other dog butts. It's just that
following my dog down this cool path
that's what you get to see. Not his
cute cute face but his butt.

Will he stop to sniff these flowers? NO! He's a dog.

Something good here perhaps?

Oh and by the way . . .
My camper is to the right of this path
Cows to the left.

One final thing I must share about this
campground. They cook for you on Friday
and Saturday nights! It's an outdoor BBQ cookout
and you can smell the Baby Back Ribs,
Brisket and BBQ Chicken cooking all day.

Served with a tall lemonade or ice tea.
And you can eat there on picnic tables
or have it delivered right to your campsite.
YUMMM. Gotta go, time to eat.


  1. sounds like a nice place! I loved that photo in your previous post of the prairie and the little structure. very dynamic! Have a good night!

  2. What a great post!!!! You are on such a wonderful adventure and we get to go along!

  3. Enjoyable post! I'm glad you have your dog along, makes for some great company, I'm sure!


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