Friday, August 7, 2009

Why not Minot . . .

This morning I woke up to a very loud thunder storm.
Bastian, my Airedale was so frightened he was shaking, poor guy.
By the time we left Minot and headed south
it was only a drizzly-misty kind of day.

Now this is exactly what I think of when I think of North Dakota.
Prairie, an occasional abandoned building dotting the country side.
Cattle ranches and of course a few cowboys.

But there are some nice sized lakes too!

Love this billboard.
So far I have also seen ones that say,
"smile", and "be kind".

(sorry the photo is blurry, a hazard of driving and shooting)

As I was crossing this body of water I was thinking,
"there is some major energy being transferred here!"

. . . little did I know what I'd see down the road!

Is it just me? or am I wrong in my thinking that
North Dakota must be a major power source for
the entire nation?

And I thought it was just prairie and cattle and a few cowboys!

Hmmmm, all the stereo types that are busted when you get in your car and drive!

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