Thursday, October 8, 2009

Billboard Ads

So, have you wondered how I choose the shops I visit? Let me tell you it's not planned or scientific. I just drive which ever direction I feel like. Sometimes I change course to miss a storm or weather that's too hot etc. Sometimes I consult my list of existing customers. Sometimes I consult the Quilters Travel Companion Book. Sometimes I google. Sometimes I follow signs or read billboards.

Today between Dallas and Houston a billboard on the left side of the road (heading south) caught my eye.

It was the word "Fabric" . . .

When I read the whole thing it said, "Fabric less dancers" So and So's Cabaret.

I immediately thought to my self, "Ooh LaLa, I guess I won't find any fat-quarters in there!"

Have a great day.

PS I am less than 2 hours from the convention center!!! Yeah! I am going to have a Skinny Cow and then, BACK on the road!

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  1. Welcome to Houston!! :D Your billboard experience is too funny.


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