Friday, October 16, 2009

Hen Feathers Quilt Shop - Wichita, KS

At Hen Feathers you will find an open inviting and friendly place to shop.

Meet Peggy Engel, owner of this shop.
I was excited to learn Peggys last name because it's
my maiden name, spelled the same way!
And FYI, it means Angel. ;-)

I love the antique cart fixture that is holding bolts in the center of this photo.

Large cutting tables with lots of elbow room.

Cute Eric Carle Corner!

Fresh flowers make a statement.

And check out these cute T-Shirts that are available!

Peggy, Thanks for letting me visit!

And I'd encourage any of you visiting or living in this area
to stop in and see the shop of a real Engel (Angel)

Hen Feathers Quilt Shop
110 N Rock Rd
Wichita, KS


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  1. Help after years of embroderying a buttrfly on cheap white material kit got it done laid them out and some have rust on it, used the rust removed did not work. So do I find a contrasting mateial for the spot to go with a blocking material or what!


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