Friday, October 16, 2009

Hen Feathers Quilt Shop - Wichita, KS

At Hen Feathers you will find an open inviting and friendly place to shop.

Meet Peggy Engel, owner of this shop.
I was excited to learn Peggys last name because it's
my maiden name, spelled the same way!
And FYI, it means Angel. ;-)

I love the antique cart fixture that is holding bolts in the center of this photo.

Large cutting tables with lots of elbow room.

Cute Eric Carle Corner!

Fresh flowers make a statement.

And check out these cute T-Shirts that are available!

Peggy, Thanks for letting me visit!

And I'd encourage any of you visiting or living in this area
to stop in and see the shop of a real Engel (Angel)

Hen Feathers Quilt Shop
110 N Rock Rd
Wichita, KS



  1. Help after years of embroderying a buttrfly on cheap white material kit got it done laid them out and some have rust on it, used the rust removed did not work. So do I find a contrasting mateial for the spot to go with a blocking material or what!

  2. If spots are not large, you might just leave them. Sometimes fabric will be damaged if very old and you try to remove. It will add to the vintage charm. Or can you embroider a small design over or around them to camouflage the spots? Like a small flower?? Would love to see your finished project.


I love hearing from you, thanks for your comments!

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