Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pipe Dreams

For every success there can be multiple failures. Sometimes we have great ideas that never manifest. Even though I had done my due diligence on more traveling to bring you quilt shops all over the country, things simply did not work out.  So rather than pouting I went to work in my studio and I should have a new handbag pattern available shortly!!!  Stay tuned on my Ideas & Inspirations Blog for it's upcoming release.

Never give up on your dreams . . . sometimes they just steer you in another direction!

Much Love,


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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Calling all Quilt Shops In New Mexico and Arizona

I am hoping to travel to New Mexico and Arizona in the next few weeks. If you are a quilt shop in either of those states and would like to be featured on this blog please email me for information ASAP.

I may be leaving as early as the 18th of December . . . that's just around the corner!!!

If you are a retail customer and know of a great local shop you'd like to see featured please forward this to the shop owner so they can contact me directly. 

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